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Pay Raise Prep School for Women

Lots of women are afraid to ask their boss for a raise. You, too? Our online course teaches a three-stage process that
gets you rock-solid ready to ask with confidence
so you can finally get the raise you deserve.

Available to everyone all the time.

Available to everyone three times a year.

Follow This Proven 3-Stage Pay Raise Process...

Build Your Case

Present your request with persuasive proof that makes it easy for your boss to say Yes to your request.

Build Your Custom Plan

Craft a custom plan to include a solid strategy and clear pay raise goals that match your job situation.

Build Your Confidence

Use research-backed tactics to tame your meeting anxiety. Get scripts of what to say throughout the meeting.

...Before You Meet With Your Manager.

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Free Pay Raise Starter Kit

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☆ 5 Ways to Find Out How Much You’re Underpaid

☆ How to Measure Your Pay Gap

☆ Choose the Right Type of Raise to Request

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Let Me Be Your Guide to Getting a Bigger Pay Raise

Pat Katepoo

Hi, I'm Pat Katepoo, founder of Pay Raise Prep School for Women, and I can help you go from nervous to natural in a few weeks so you can nail it at your next pay raise meeting.

Are you afraid to ask for the raise you want and deserve? When you follow the Pay Raise Process taught in my Ready to Ask Master Class, you can be rock-solid ready and confident to ask for the raise you deserve. Without being pushing or feeling greedy. Really.

Replace your fears and frustration with a proven Pay Raise Process that you can easily learn online. Get the details here or start the first three steps of the process using my free Pay Raise Starter Kit. . It's followed by a three-part video mini-course to help you close your pay gap.